$27.99 CAD

 Rating Diameter
2.8lb 0.141 Millimeters/0.0055 Inches
3.7lb 0.161 Millimeters/0.0063 Inches
4.5lb 0.178 Millimeters/0.0070 Inches
5.7lb 0.200 Millimeters/0.0078 Inches
6.8lb 0.218 Millimeters/0.0085 Inches
7.8lb 0.234 Millimeters/0.0092 Inches
9.2lb 0.257 Millimeters/0.0101 Inches
11.6lb 0.298 Millimeters/0.0117 Inches
14lb 0.333 Millimeters/0.0131 Inches
15.5lb 0.352 Millimeters/0.0138 Inches
18.4lb 0.393 Millimeters/0.0154 Inches
23.6lb 0.455 Millimeters/0.0179 Inches
28.9lb 0.505 Millimeters/0.0198 Inches
35lb 0.555 Millimeters/0.0218 Inches
41.5lb 0.645 Millimeters/0.0253 Inches


100% High Density Fluorocarbon Spooling Material

  • Low Stretch for Ultimate Sensitivity
  • Powerful Knot Strength
  • Soft Formulation for Enhanced Casting & Handling
  • Less Memory than Heavy Cover Fluorocarbon


For those looking for an easier handling fluorocarbon that works well on smaller diameter spools as well as spinning reels, our Soft Casting 100% Fluorocarbon line is ideal for open water conditions where abrasion resistance isn't as much of a factor.  For Heavy Cover situations, choose our Heavy Cover 100% Fluorocarbon Line.