$129.99 CAD

A collaboration that blends the craftsmanship of Roman Made and the experience of Ayumu Fishing, the Roman Made Ayumu Swimbait is a double-jointed floating swimbait with great s-shaped surface waking action. Designed with a profile that closely resembles the Roman Made Mudai Glidebait, the Ayumu Swimbait features a segmented construction with a large front head shape that tapers down and thins out towards the tail.

Between each joint of the Ayumu Swimbait, the segmented pieces have a grooved indent which allows for a wider range of movement, increased s-motion, and supports both fast and slow retrieves. Ayumu recommends connecting your mainline directly to the line tie without the use of a split ring or snap to draw out the full potential of its erratic twitching action. Ideal for fishing above a grass line or over submerged cover, the Roman Made Ayumu Swimbait is furnished with sticky sharp Gamakatsu treble hooks and Owner split rings so you can land every heart-palpitating blow-up.

Roman Made Length Weight Class
Ayumu Swimbait 4.75" 1-oz Floating