$21.99 CAD

A whole new era of fast moving lure.

O.S.P BLADE JIG was developed to claim special appeal power having both flexibility of soft lure and sharpness of hard lure.

It is necessary to use fast moving lure even in major field on holiday or the spot where someone fished before. In that case, very lively and undetectable lure is needed.

Under tough condition when bass never bite spinnerbait or crankbait, rolling action of flexible rubber skirt and worm experts amazing effect beyond imagination. Transparent blade reduces flashing and flexible rubber skirt conceals the hook.

It makes us feel strongly the presence of new genre lure.

Usage is quite simple. Just retrieving will bring you fish bite.

Big merit of this lure is you can retrieve the same depth from landing spot to your position. No other lure can get more fish bite than this especially when bass are scattered around away from the spot.

O.S.P BLADE JIG is a new weapon of fast moving lure that can make experienced bass react by indispensable original appeal power.

◎How to retrieve
Just retrieve O.S.P BLADE JIG and you can get a bite easily. When you retrieve it slowly or medium slowly, it rolls so tightly that you can feel the vibration. And when you retrieve it with medium fast speed it starts erratic action. That means changing retrieve speed will create bite timing. When you lift and fall it, it generates irregular action and entices reaction bite.


The exercise efficiency is improved by concentrating center of gravity on front side. Good swimming posture and well-balanced center of gravity made blade size compact.
O.S.P BLADE JIG focused on the effect in the open water and clear water, which used to be weak point of this type of lure. And to fish in the daytime or busy area, O.S.P BLADE JIG selected clear blade. Then it can elicit bite under super tough condition. Fish do not get tired of it. The shape of blade is original which has high response and starts to make erratic action by medium fast retrieve.

Skirt consists of 3 types. Ultra-short skirt on both sides, main skirt, and super long skirt. By arranging these 3 skirts, each skirt generates different temptation at various situations from bottom to swimming. Multiple temptations attract bass strongly and realized undetectable action.
Seeking after hooking performance and snaglessness O.S.P BLADE JIG selected semi-long hook which size is easy to bite for bass. Semi-long hook makes trailer worm move lively. It has adequate strength and moderate diameter of wire penetrates well. So, hooking is good.

Trailer worm
The shape of trailer worm is not complicated, so it does not spoil the action of jig. 4 legs generate complex action. It imitates shrimp or claw when you stay it and when it starts to swim, it appeals with fine movement like the tail action of bait fish.
※Caution: Keeping O.S.P BLADE JIG in the state that worm and blade touching each other long time, might transform blade.