$7.49 CAD


3/8oz, 1/2oz



BODY BALANCE jighead is designed to stabilize big swimbaits like the SPARK SHAD, allowing them to perform to their fullest potential. With its low center-of-gravity build, the BODY BALANCE keeps swimbaits on track to give off the kind of stable swimming action that reassures finicky target fish. With more weight along the keel of the jighead, BODY BALANCE adds subtle roll to your presentation, and acts as a skid-plate when targeting bottom structure in pursuit of big bass.

Double worm-keeper secures baits snugly, allowing you to make long casts without worrying about losing baits. After trying the BODY BALANCE, you will see just how a properly balanced jig head can improve the effectiveness of your swim baits.

*Tip: when using salt-rich baits like the SPARK SHAD, you can extend the life of your bait even further by dabbing a line of quick-drying superglue along the hook shank and worm keeper!