$24.99 CAD

Length 130mm
Weight 22g
Type Suspending (Moving Weight)
Hook #4X
Range 1.0~2.0m


The iconic Realis Jerkbait range grows with the addition of the Jerkbait 130SP. This model has a similar internal structure to the Jerkbait 120SP and maintains the same highly refined action and maneuverability. The point of difference is the size. The Jerkbait 130SP is not just longer than the 120SP. It is meatier, with a body containing significantly more mass. The larger body comes equipped with larger and stronger #4X hooks. The larger size and hooks enable the angler to target a wider variety of fish, to move up and target larger species. The Realis Jerkbait 130SP is the large Jerkbait that you need to get those big ones!