$35.99 CAD

Type Length Weight
Slow Floating 128mm 2/3oz class

Standard hook Cultiva ST-36BC front:#4 center:#4 rear:#4


The short lip type of the Ayujya REST series has been produced. It is called REST SL which has a real fish like form and also swims like a real fish. REST SL is designed for basic techniques such as straight retrieve, jerking and twitching. More so, REST SL is specifically designed for slow swimming. Although line slack is maintained while retrieving, REST SL swims with a natural action as if the bait was not being pulled by line


A separate lip system is used for REST SL. This bib is designed to come out rather than breaking. If a bib comes out, it is easy to replace without special tools.


■ Two bib styles and four different swimming actions.

There are two different bib’s, IRREGULAR and CONTROL for REST SL. The irregular bib is inserted in REST SL from packaging, and Control bib is contained separately in the package. Those two different bibs give different swimming actions, also reversing each side of the bib make different actions.
鮎邪 128 REST
鮎邪 128 REST