$18.49 CAD

Motion changes by the rig type
●S-shaped rig

Its shape allows to approach the fish more closely at various situation including cover and weed areas. Using the Shape-S hook produces the big

●Jig head rig
Jig head rig

It creates the different natural action from the S-Shape rig by retrieving.

●Down shot rig
Down shot rig

The air hole in the rear of the body makes the bait stay and act like a small fish swimming in the middle level of the water.

●Texas rig & rubber jig trailer
Texas rig & rubber jig trailer

The tail comes up because of the air hole in the rear of the body and its shaking action rolls the tail like a small fish biting the bottom of the bait.

●Live bait rig
Live bait rig

By setting the hook on the back slit of the body, it acts like a weakened fish.(recommended hook: DECOY Big Bite Finesse #1-3/0)

Size Weight
5.3inc about 19g