$8.99 CAD

The 2.1” Flat Cat

At first glance the 2.1” Flat Cat looks a little bit strange - but put it in the water and you’ll see why we’ve been using prototypes for years to catch giant smallmouth. This little bait was originally made in black and designed to mimic catfish fry, but we discovered that it’s absolutely deadly in many different colors. The thin tail with a micro paddle provides just the right amount of action to look like a baitfish, without flapping wildly and spooking finicky fish.

It fishes equally well nose-hooked on a dropshot or threaded onto a Great Lakes Finesse Matte Ball Head Jig and dragged along the bottom. The 2.1” Flat Cat is an incredibly effective bait for big smallmouth that also fires up jumbo perch, crappie, and walleye when it’s fished on the bottom or suspended under a float.