Spark Shad 4" - Real



Jointly developed by lunker hunter Tetsuya Nakamura and Megabass, the SPARK series represents a synergy of trophy bass experience and manufacturing prowess. A hand poured shad-shaped paddle-tail worm, the body evokes the hull-shape of a boat, which helps increase linear stability. With an extremely sensitive tail designed to produce natural high-frequency vibrations even at slow retrieve speeds, the SPARK SHAD will keep fish committed to chasing it over long distances without hesitation or suspicion.
Furthermore, the chest-fin and flat-back design add to the SPARK SHAD’s stability, allowing the angler to stay on the target path with ease. The subtle rolling-motion of the body will lure in cautious fish as if it were real bait. In addition, this rolling motion doesn’t send the hook point flying around, increasing hookup rates.