Nories Wind Range (Tandem Willow models)



Wind is an important factor when spinner bait fishing. WIND RANGE turns the typical enemy “wind” into your ally. Designed with all the features anglers require of spinner baits, its compact volume makes it easy to cast in crosswinds or even facing into the wind. Its bending arm creates a hard to snag swimming position. WIND RANGE is fitted with tandem Colorado “V” shape blades for clear vibration and great controllability. It is designed with a one sided skirt, to reduce air resistance when cast for greater distance. Ultimately balanced to assist anglers who continue to fish against all odds. Also its short arm style makes the blades spin on fall, to make it great for casting up against banks and when targeting the side of structure.

Wire Volume Comparison
This is the same weight Crystal S Shallow Roll 3/8 oz and Wind Range 3/8 oz. Shallow roll is made for vibration with a long wire base, while Wind Range is made compact for long range casting. Wind Range is more of a lower appeal item.



Blade System
Original models are all fitted with two V Colorado 35 blades. Quite often vibration can be reduced by the short arm design, however the use of tandem Colorado blades makes a clear and strong vibration with fantastic controlability Tandem Willow models are all fitted with Front V Colorado 30 blade and rear V Willow 35 blades. The Tandem Willow model vibrates less than the original for effective fishing on high pressure and clear lakes. Simply retrieving at the same speed will result in the spinner bait returning one range deeper than usual. Both Original and Tandem Willow models' blades have been separated to reduce contact and clashing sounds. The rear blade spins freely even on the fall.

Shirt System
Designed so the spinner bait flies hook first, half of the skirt has been cut. Made to be compact in flight, the skirt flares out in the water for maximum presence and appeal.